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The Rule of Law in the United States

The Rule of Law in the United States



Professor Paul A. Gowder, of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law presented his book project, The Rule of Law in the United States.


From Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, "Paul Gowder joined the Northwestern Law faculty in 2020. His research focuses on the rule of law, democratic theory, social and racial equality, institutional and organizational governance, and the law of technology, as well as the technology of law. He has taught a variety of classes including constitutional law, torts, critical race theory, professional responsibility, and introductory programming and statistics for law students. In his practice days, he was a civil rights and legal aid lawyer. In those contexts, he represented victims of police misconduct (once winning a rare qualified immunity reversal from the Fourth Circuit), predatory lending, employment discrimination, unlawful eviction, domestic violence, and numerous other injustices".

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Rule of Law, United States


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The Rule of Law in the United States