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The International Criminal Court on Trial


The International Criminal Court on Trial



Navi Pillay is a modern icon in the world's efforts to protect humanity through international law and policy. She played a leading role in the multi-national operation to clean up the humanitarian dross left on the essence of modern civilization by the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. Her contributions in that effort were in virtue of her role as a judge--and, eventually, as the President--of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. From there, she went on to serve as one of the first appeal judges at the newly established International Criminal Court--another international endeavour aimed at protecting humanity through law. In time, she was fittingly appointed the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, just ahead of a call to honour her with a book of essays in international law and policy, for the contributions that she had already made in the international enterprise of protecting humanity. Inspired by Pillay, some of the modern legends and experts in international law and policy have, in this volume, shared their experiences and thoughts on how better to protect humanity in our time. In the book, we read the wise words of Nobel laureates and other envoys of peace, renowned international judges and famous scholars, as well as those of energetic younger minds with great promise. Some chapters are in French.



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Martinus Nijhoff Brill


Leiden, Boston


Genocide, Human rights, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, International criminal courts, Pillay, Navanethem, Rwanda, History, Civil War, 1994


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The International Criminal Court on Trial