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Recent scholarly activity attests to the growing importance of Latin American legal history as a field of academic pursuit, and researchers are increasingly turning to the field. In the past few years, books have addressed such widely divergent topics as: the changes of law and society in Aztec culture during the colonial period, the development of commercial law in Argentina, the social history of the colonial and early-republic bar of Colombia, the colonial legal culture of Northern New Spain, and court systems in nineteenth-century Latin America. The works of Andres Bello, the noted drafter of the highly influential Chilean Civil Code of 1855, have been edited and translated, and are now available to a wide readership in English. A selection of recent articles include a similarly wide range of interests and areas of study with particular emphasis on constitutional law and legal theory. Works dealing with Latin American law generally, and yet touching on historical aspects, are too numerous to mention here.


Terms related to Latin American legal history translated into English.