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Since this is a joint conference [of the Fifth and Eleventh Circuits], I thought it may be interesting to compare where the circuits began in 1981 and where they are now. In the district courts, pending civil cases in the 5th Circuit increased 60% since 1981. They presently total 36,871. In the 1 1th Circuit, the increase has been 48% and the present total is 19,530. Criminal cases in the district courts in the Fifth Circuit have increased by an astounding 280% to the present total of 4,343. The 11th Circuit criminal case increase has been almost as dramatic: 188%. Pending criminal cases now total 3,539 pending cases. Pending bankruptcy cases in the 5th Circuit increased 108% to their present level of just over 100,000 while the 11th Circuit's pending bankruptcy cases increased 79% to the present-day total of 93,514. In the Courts of Appeals, pending cases in the Fifth rose by 35% to the present total of 2,955, while the 11th Circuit experienced a 44% increase in pending cases to a total of 3,171.