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The Sixth Annual LatCrit Conference (LatCrit VI) titled "Latinas/os and the Americas: Centering North-South Frameworks in LatCrit Theory," was the latest installment of the leading progressive scholarly movement addressing nonwhite critical jurisprudence.3 The goals of the conference were to explore the ties that bind Latinas/os residing in the United States to their homeland's societies and cultures, and to examine the impact of globalization on critical jurisprudential discourse.4 The conference was attended predominately by straight and gay law professors of color, including Latinas/os, African Americans, Asian Americans, and indigenous persons, most of whom describe themselves as LatCrits or more whimsically, LatCritters. Other participants included White colleagues, members of other disciplines including historians, sociologists, and anthropologists, as well as students and other friends. They all came together to continue an academic endeavor that examines, challenges, and at times attacks traditional Anglocentric American legal jurisprudence.' The educational, ethnic, racial, gender, social, and class diversity of this multicultural group contributed significantly to the excitement and the variety of the discourse and exchange.

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