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In academic circles, when one speaks of scholarship, one speaks of scholarly legal publications. While such writing is obviously important for reform as well as for professional self-preservation,, I would take the term scholarship a step further. As true students of the law, we have a status in society that gives us a forum, and as Latinos/as we have an obligation to use our status to affect our communities. I, therefore, strongly support becoming more active by getting our voices heard beyond traditional modes of legal discourse. There are scores of communication mediums, such as newspapers and non-legal journals whose markets are largely, if not exclusively, focused on the Latino/a community. They range from El Diario in New York to El Nuevo Herald in Miami. We can promote change and encourage debate by addressing our views to a wider audience; we can let our communities know that there are people of color challenging and attempting to reform traditional American norms; we can let them know we are struggling with the issues we are addressing in this symposium. Both academia and the community at large can be enriched by this effort.