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A student of mine once described Federal Courts (or Federal Jurisdiction, as the course is sometimes called) as "the love child of Civ Pro and Con Law." As described in these pages last year,' Federal Courts combines horizontal and vertical concerns for distribution of federal power with a concern for organization, structure, management, and operation of the courts. Part of that mix is the central theoretical and doctrinal theme of the basic structural IL Constitutional Law course; the other part is the core of at least part of the basic IL Civil Procedure course.

Civil Rights (or Civil Rights Litigation or Constitutional Litigation or Constitutional Torts or §1983 Litigation) is the grandchild on this doctrinal family tree. It takes the parent and mixes some remedies, criminal procedure, individual rights (distinct from structural) constitutional law, and employment/employment discrimination into the pedagogical DNA.


Reprinted with permission of the Saint Louis University Law Journal © 2010

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