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Thomas E. Baker

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The world of the American law review resembles Middle Earth for all its strange inhabitants, secret rituals, and foreboding folklore. The depth and breadth of law review literature defies facile characterization, but it can be stated without fear of contradiction that the truly clever or amusing law review article is the quintessential rara avis. Law review articles - and the people who write them and the people who read them - are serious to a fault.

Indeed, whenever a judge, a lawyer, a law professor, or a law student writes something truly funny he or she runs the risk of waking up days later, in restraints and sedated in a little room with a fellow in a white coat holding a clipboard. Their day-to-day livelihood simply is not too lively, either in style or content. I believe this professional reality makes the occasional humorous article that much more of a treasure to behold. My purpose here is to collect and display these writings first, so that my reader might simply enjoy them and second, so that their authors might receive some deserved recognition.