The Summit on the Future of Legal Education and Entry to the Profession was convened to explore how best to align law school admissions, legal education, bar requirements, and the practice of law. It brought together leaders from legal education and the profession for a timely conversation on the challenges and opportunities facing legal education and its role in the legal profession. Cosponsored by LSAC, the Summit helped to lay the groundwork for a broader conference, The Rule of Law in America, to be convened by LSAC later this year, which will bring together leaders from diverse sectors to assess the health of the rule of law and develop a blueprint for improvements. The Summit and the upcoming conference aim to be catalysts for change – change across the institutions of legal education and the profession, change that is necessary to meet the challenges of a society dominated by technology and globalization.

This archive includes recordings of each of the Summit panels and the Conversation with Hilarie Bass, President of the American Bar Association, together with the speakers' PowerPoint slide decks where they were used. Use the links below to access the Thursday and Friday portions of the program.

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Thursday, April 12th
Friday, April 13th