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Giving in to the urge to respond instantly and in-kind to a nasty text or email from an opposing attorney could give you some digital baggage you’ll be lugging around for the rest of your career. In recognition of that — and other stresses and strains of practicing law in a high-tech and instantcommunications world — the Bar’s Ideals and Goals of Professionalism have undergone a review and redrafting, emerging as a new document called Professionalism Expectations. The Board of Governors approved the new document at its January meeting. Professionalism Expectations has been sent to the conferences for circuit and county court judges, Bar President Greg Coleman said, and after that he expects to seek the blessing of the Florida Supreme Court and then disseminate the documents to Bar sections and local bars statewide. The original Ideals and Goals of Professionalism were adopted 24 years ago and have not been changed since.


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