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The Economics of Book Digitization and the Google Books Litigation


The Economics of Book Digitization and the Google Books Litigation



Electronic commerce is big business, and it is getting bigger: it now accounts for 7.5 percent of all retail sales in the US, and continues to expand at double-digit annual rates. The steady growth of Internet commerce over the past twenty years has given rise to a host of new legal issues in a broad range of fields. This authoritative Research Handbook comprises chapters by leading scholars in the field. Their explanations and insights will provide a solid foundation for newcomers to the subject, and will also broaden and deepen the understanding of e-commerce experts. Key topics covered include: contracting, payments, intellectual property, extraterritorial enforcement, alternative dispute resolution, social media, consumer protection, network neutrality, online gambling, domain name governance, and privacy. With the rise of Internet commerce, this book will be an invaluable resource for business lawyers as well as legal scholars with an interest in any phase of e-commerce law-- Provided by publisher.



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Edward Elgar Publishing


Cheltenham, UK


Electronic commerce, Law and legislation


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