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Consolidated Legal Texts for the Special Court for Sierra Leone


Consolidated Legal Texts for the Special Court for Sierra Leone



The Special Court for Sierra Leone was established by a unique bilateral treaty between the United Nations and Sierra Leone in early 2002, making it the third modern ad hoc international criminal tribunal. The Special Court is currently trying nine persons, including former Liberian President Charles Ghankay Taylor, for allegedly bearing "greatest responsibility" for serious violations of international and Sierra Leonean law that occurred after 30 November 1996. This volume presents, for the first time, a comprehensive collection of legal texts and instruments forming the normative legal framework underpinning the work of the Special Court. It fills the void for a handy sourcebook of the Special Court's primary and secondary legal texts and is intended for use primarily by the judges, lawyers, academics and other practitioners in the Special Court and other hybrid and international tribunals, including the permanent International Criminal Court.


xvi, 604 pages; 25 cm



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Martinus Nijhoff Publishers


Leiden, The Netherlands ; Boston


Special Court for Sierra Leone, United Nations, bilateral treaty, ad hoc international criminal tribunal, Charles Taylor, international criminal court, international criminal tribunals, legal texts, sourcebook


Human Rights Law | International Humanitarian Law | International Law