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The Elaine Bloom Library features a compilation of awards, books, pamphlets, papers, and oral histories during her service as House Representative. This special collection contains various awards, received by Elaine Bloom, reflecting and acknowledging her life accomplishments. Additionally, it contains interviews in the form of oral histories, where she narrates personal details about her life. Elaine Bloom was a public servant in the Florida House of Representatives for 18 years, serving as Speaker Pro Tempore for three years, from 1992-1994. The Representative championed initiatives for the Jewish community, the international banking community, the elderly, and many more. She is also a member and active participant of 13 organizations. The organizations have awarded Elaine Bloom for her extensive efforts in advocating for reform in their respective fields. While Elaine Bloom retired from Congress in 2000 she continues to seek change and help her community. Elaine Bloom’s legacy as a leader and activist will live on forever through her collection at FIU’s College of Law.


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