Prospective Members

Current FIU Law Students

FIU Law Review membership is contingent upon the successful completion of the annual Write-On Competition that takes place immediately following the conclusion of the Spring semester exams. Students who have completed the foundation curriculum and are in good academic standing are eligible to participate in the Write-On Competition. Students who are eligible to compete in the Write-On Competition but choose not to participate waive their opportunity to join FIU Law Review.

The Write-On Competition consists of two components: (1) a writing portion; and (2) a Bluebook examination. All students are required to complete the Write-On Competition in order to be eligible for membership. In addition, all prospective members must meet any additional requirements as set forth in the FIU Law Review Constitution & Bylaws. After the competition, the Executive Editorial Board will decide on the number of invitations to extend, taking into consideration both the quality of the submissions and the anticipated need for the upcoming year.

Complete details regarding membership will be made available toward the end of each Spring semester by the incoming Executive Editorial Board. The FIU Law Review Constitution & Bylaws also contain rules that govern the selection process. To the extent that there are any conflicts between the information posted on any website and the FIU Law Review Constitution & Bylaws, the most recent version of the FIU Law Review Constitution & Bylaws shall govern.

Transfer Students

A transfer student may become a member of FIU Law Review in one of two ways: (1) obtaining a waiver, or (2) completing the Transfer Student Write-On Competition. Each year, between May and August, Associate Dean Angelique Ortega Fridman and the Editor-in-Chief will provide transfer students with the requirements and procedure to obtain a waiver, or, if necessary, the procedure on how to participate in the Transfer Student Write-On Competition.

Any student who wishes to receive additional information or a copy of the FIU Law Review Constitution & Bylaws may e-mail the Editor-in-Chief at .