Prospective Members

Current FIU Law Students

FIU Law Review membership is contingent upon the successful completion of the Law Review Training Program that takes place over six (6) sessions in the Spring semester. Students who are eligible for the Training Program but choose not to participate waive their opportunity to join FIU Law Review.

The Training Program consists of three components: (1) attending six (6) sessions; (2) completion of all assignments; and (3) satisfactory performance in the Training Program. All students are required to complete the Training Program in order to be eligible for membership. After the Training Program, the Executive Editorial Board will decide on the number of invitations to extend, taking into consideration the anticipated production needs for the upcoming year.

To accept an invitation, students must have completed the foundation curriculum and be in good academic standing. Students must also have a combined GPA of 2.67 for LSVI and LSVII, and an overall GPA of 2.67 in curved courses. If a student does not have an overall GPA of 2.67, the student has one semester to raise their GPA to 2.67 or higher (using courses that are curved). The student will not be able to participate in Law Review during the 2L year, but will be able to participate during the 3L year.

Transfer Students

A transfer student may become a member of FIU Law Review in one of two ways: (1) if admitted to your prior institution’s law review, by obtaining a waiver, or (2) completing the Transfer Student Training Program. A waiver or Program participation is available to registered students transferring into the 2L full time program in the Fall of each academic year; transfers will receive direct communication from FIU Law Review on or before July 31st each year.